• Red Room

    Director: Femi Oyeniran
    Writer: DD Armstrong
    Director of Photography: Robert Cairns
    Producers: Victor Adebodun, Richie Campbell, Fabien Soazandry
    Executive Producers: Victor Adebodun, Femi Oyeniran , Fabien Soazandry

    When a mysterious young man takes up lodgings next to a bickering couple, he has no idea how their argments will impact his life. He just wished the people next room would shut up.

    Based on a concept by Carlos Husbands and developed by DD Armstron Red Room was first produced for stage by Square Yard Theatre for a one night showcase at The Hospital Club in Cover Garden. Building on the night’s success and audience reviews, we now bring to screen an adaption in this explosive short thriller.
    Project Details

    Client: None
    Date: 2015-06-01