• Clench

    Directed by Riffat Ahmed
    Director of Photography: Jake Scott
    Producers: Shane Davey, Courtney Edwards and Fabien Soazandry

    As part of Generation 3.0's ambitious campaign we have made the organization’s first short narrative film which tells the story of Ash, a mixed race girl from Old Trafford, Manchester.

    Our initial challenge here was to convince the Runnymeade Trust to committing to trying something different and exploring the concept of shooting a fictional narrative that would communicate the same message as a corporate video but in a timeless manner and reach a wider audience.

    Since then Clench as won Best Drama Limelight Film Awards 2012, Best Shortfilm Born Short Film Festival Denmark 2012, Official Selection for NoGloss Festival Leeds 2012 and Official Selection for Portobello Film Festival 2012.

    On a youth referral scheme, we see Ash go to the iconic Salford Lads club where boxing, aided by the training of an elder experienced coach, offers them an alternative perspective on the world where race, difference and what neighborhoods you come from become secondary to the training.

    The film explores how prejudice and racism are often manifested ideas leading to judgments based on stereotypes where the notion of seeing than knowing becomes a focal point.

    Boxing becomes the ultimate tool for communication unraveling that every person has a story to tell regardless of their cover.
    Project Details

    Client: Runnymede Trust
    Date: 2015-07-21
    Address: www.runnymedetrust.org/